Camping Bureau

The Burnaby Camping Bureau provides subsidies for Burnaby children with low income the opportunity to attend the summer camp of their choice. Along with our maximum subsidy of $175.00, we have partnerships with camps that provide match funds, allowing children the opportunity to attend a camp their families otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

To qualify you must be a resident of Burnaby, have children aged between 5 and 17 years, and are low income but are NOT receiving income assistance*.

The following information is required when you come to register:

  • C-Print (to order from the CRA, call 1-800-959-8281, press * to speak with an operator)
  • Proof of Address (ex: recent utility bill), and
  • For families: child care card or birth certificate or child tax benefit statement for children 16 years and under

Registration begins May 1st. Families may contact the Volunteer Services Manager on or after April 1st to book appointments.

Donate or start a campaign to help a child have a life-changing summer.

*If you are on income assistance, please apply for the Camp Fees program through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.