Camping Bureau

The Burnaby Camping Bureau provides subsidies for Burnaby children with low income the opportunity to attend the summer camp of their choice. Along with our maximum subsidy of $175.00, we have partnerships with camps that provide match funds, allowing children the opportunity to attend a camp their families otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

To qualify you must be a resident of Burnaby, have children aged between 5 and 17 years, and are low income but are NOT receiving income assistance.

The following information is required when you come to register: 

  • C-Print for BOTH parents if married/common law (to order from the CRA, call 1-800-959-8281, press * to speak with an operator or request through 'My Accounts' online).
  • Proof of Address (ex: recent utility bill), and
  • One of child's ID: care card, PR card, passport, or birth certificate for children under 17 years and under 

Registration begins April 23rd 2018. Families may contact the Program Manager at 604-292-3906 on or after April 16th to book appointments.

Donate or start a campaign to help a child have a life-changing summer.