Humans of Burnaby

Connecting our community through story-telling...

Inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of Burnaby is a collection of vignettes of the lives of people in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

By sharing the passions, joys, and challenges of different individuals, we hope to create a better understanding between citizens and form a stronger, and more compassionate community.

As advocates for those living in poverty and isolation, we especially strive to amplify the voices of those who often feel 'invisible'.

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    • The Holes in Our System (1 of 3)
    • (The photos for this story are not of the individual)

      "First of all, my story is not unique. My life is one long saga about the holes in our system. I fell through the cracks and it’s almost impossible to crawl out.

      I taught aerobics in Kelowna, I managed a gym. I earned my own money and now all I am is an elderly beggar. I was an animal advocate for abused, lost and found animals. Now my life is about trying to survive.

      I used to live in Surrey. One day, I was rushed to the hospital due to a kidney failure and I ended up staying there for 9 weeks. After I came out of the hospital, I found out that my landlord wanted me to move out. I missed the notice because I was in the hospital..."

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    • Generous Donor
    • "The outdoors heals us all; it makes us healthier. The outdoors makes us spiritually more balanced and I dont mean that in necessarily a religious way I just think at the end of the day that's where we came from and that's where we are going. The more time we spend in that environment the better people we are. Giving kids the opportunity to be outside and getting back out there can create a life long joy..."

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